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217 Village Creek

The scope of this project consists of repurposing of an existing building into a new sludge thickening facility. The facility will have a new roof, bridge crane, nine rotary drum thickeners, one gravity belt thickener, polymer storage and feed equipment, thickening unit sludge feed pumps and thickened sludge pumps. Construction of a new electrical building to house electrical equipment for the sludge thickening facility. Repurposing of two gravity thickeners into primary sludge holding tanks complete with pump and nozzle type mixing systems. Rehabilitation of two existing sludge blend tank including replacement of the mixing system, removal of cover insulation, painting of the cover, and replacement of the cover annual seal. Addition of a partition wall in the existing gravity belt thickener building. Decommissioning the existing dissolved air flotation tanks. Electrical and instrumentation improvements.