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207 City of Wylie Texas

High Service Pump Station 3-1: Consists of the following rehabilitation elements, replacing the existing 48-inch butterfly isolation valves for Pumps 1 and 3, replacing the existing 36-inch pump control ball valves for Pumps 1 and 3, replacing the existing 6-inch air/vacuum valves for Pumps 1 through 5 with combination air release and vacuum valves, replacing the existing 4-inch pump barrel air valves for Pumps 1 through 7 with standpipes, replacing existing 4-inch air valve on the west 90-inch discharge header. The existing pump control ball valve actuators for Pumps 1 through 5 will be replaced with rotary-type electraulic actuators. Recoating the west 90-inch discharge header inside HSPS 3-1 and associated pump discharge piping for Pumps 1 through 5. Installing a 96-inch butterfly isolation valve and associated manhole and manway on the 96-inch suction line north of HSPS 3-1. Electrical switchgear improvements and modifications, SCADA communications and PLC consolidation and other miscellaneous work.